Acne-Prone Skin Regimen

Provides an oil-free solution, regardless of age.

Many people are affected by acne-prone skin, regardless of their age. These people should be alert to the amount of oil already in their skin. Cleanse and tone responsibly, and take care not to add an excess amount of oil to the skin with an acne regimen.

The Vitaphenol acne treatment regimen provides an oil-free, anti-aging serum
that visibly improves the skin’s overall complexion and health.

Acne-prone Skin Regimen includes the following:
  • Purify: Ultra-gentle Daily Cleanser
  • Tone: Anti-aging Toner
  • Repair: Oil-free Anti-aging Serum
  • Hydrate: Sheer Moisturizer

Key Ingredients
Price: $235.00